Currently I’m partnering up with various parties – from freelancers to big brands – in order to grow together and achieve our goals. I am grateful for the cooperation and hope for many more great projects together!

air up

air up is an innovative brand that adds flavor to water through scent alone. When you drink water, you automatically and unconsciously smell the scent, which gives the impression of flavor. It's a innovative system that promotes a healthier world and reduces plastic waste by avoiding disposable plastic bottles.

FMX Racing

FMX Racing ondersteunt me op het gebied van windsurfboards. (Voormalig) professioneel windsurfer Finian Maynard richtte dit merk in 2019 op. Ik kan met zekerheid zeggen dat FMX in korte tijd is uitgegroeid tot een merk met één van de snelste – al dan niet de snelste – boards van de markt. Dat FMX het constructors championship slalom won in 2023 is een mooie bevestiging. De boards komen (anders dan de meeste merken) uit een speciale fabriek, die zeer hoge kwaliteit levert. Vaar je op een board van FMX Racing, dan kun je nooit als excuus gebruiken dat het aan je materiaal ligt.

As an international team rider, I promote the boards, provide feedback on their development, and work closely with the brand. 

Finish Fins

It is often forgotten, but one of the most important success factors for a fast windsurfer is a perfect fin. The Finish Fins provide high speeds, combined with good control. I am honored to work with this Dutch brand.


PROLIMIT is an internationally-operating brand based in the Netherlands. Technology and innovation are one of the brand's main driving forces, resulting in high-quality products. PROLIMIT supports me in the area of wetsuits, harnesses, and all accessories related to them.


S2Maui supports me with windsurfing sails (and accessories). S2Maui is a brand of high quality and really good gear. As a national team rider I promote the sails in the Netherlands and abroad.


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Become a partner

Elite sports always entail a constant pursuit of improvement, working towards victory. Let's work together to find the win-win.

Win online visibility, strengthened branding, and exposure with: 

  • Posts, reels, and Instagram stories dedicated to your brand. Insights on reach are available upon request.
  • Content created by me, available for your brand to use in online advertising, including usage rights.
  • Branding my sails with your branding (on-location photo shoot available).

Win vitality, team building, and inspiration within your company with:

  • Custom windsurf clinics: great for promoting the vitality of your employees or as a team-building activity or networking event. I'm happy to advise you on the location.
  • Inspiration session/elite sports lecture: Since I started windsurfing at 16, which is relatively late to begin a sport with professional ambitions, I've embarked on a journey that sees me traveling the world for 9 months a year to compete and train in various conditions. It sounds like a dream, and it is. But it also comes with its challenges. How do I handle them? And how do I maintain a positive mindset? We'll draw parallels to the corporate world and discuss topics such as dealing with uncertainty and fostering a flexible mindset.

Win in the area of labor market communication in your company:

Differentiate yourself from the competition by incorporating sports sponsorship into your employer branding. Show that your company is unique by supporting sports talent while also organizing engaging clinics and lectures.

You can creatively incorporate the partnership into the job listing by adding a short recap video of a windsurf clinic organized by your company as a vitality challenge. This way, you generate preference among candidates. 

Additionally, there's the opportunity to create marketing materials about the sponsorship, where we showcase our shared values.

Kom in contact

Interested in exploring more opportunities for collaboration? Don't hesitate to reach out. I'm excited to discuss the possibilities for a creative partnership. The options are endless!