Currently I’m partnering up with various parties – from freelancers to big brands – in order to grow together and achieve our goals. I am grateful for the cooperation and hope for many more great projects together!

air up

air up is an innovative brand that adds flavor to water through scent alone. When you drink water, you automatically and unconsciously smell the scent, which gives the impression of flavor. It's a innovative system that promotes a healthier world and reduces plastic waste by avoiding disposable plastic bottles.

FMX Racing

FMX Racing ondersteunt me op het gebied van windsurfboards. (Voormalig) professioneel windsurfer Finian Maynard richtte dit merk in 2019 op. Ik kan met zekerheid zeggen dat FMX in korte tijd is uitgegroeid tot een merk met één van de snelste – al dan niet de snelste – boards van de markt. Dat FMX het constructors championship slalom won in 2023 is een mooie bevestiging. De boards komen (anders dan de meeste merken) uit een speciale fabriek, die zeer hoge kwaliteit levert. Vaar je op een board van FMX Racing, dan kun je nooit als excuus gebruiken dat het aan je materiaal ligt.

As a national team rider I promote the boards in the Netherlands, and of course I do my best to do this internationally as well.

Finish Fins

It is often forgotten, but one of the most important success factors for a fast windsurfer is a perfect fin. The Finish Fins provide high speeds, combined with good control. I am honored to work with this Dutch brand.


PROLIMIT is an internationally-operating brand based in the Netherlands. Technology and innovation are one of the brand's main driving forces, resulting in high-quality products. PROLIMIT supports me in the area of wetsuits, harnesses, and all accessories related to them.


S2Maui supports me with windsurfing sails (and accessories). S2Maui is a brand of high quality and really good gear. As a national team rider I promote the sails in the Netherlands and abroad.


Windsurfing demands a lot from the body. In addition, performance on the water can be significantly improved by strength training in the gym. I am fortunate to be supported by Human Movement Specialist Jeroen de Vries. Jeroen has been active in the world of fitness and strength training for over 25 years. As a trainer and coach, but also as a practitioner.

Together, we work on my weight. With slalom windsurfing, the following applies: the heavier the racer, the faster he/she will be on the water (up to a max of course). In addition, training makes the body stronger, and therefore less sensitive to injuries. When windsurfing, that is certainly not an unnecessary luxury, because gnarly crashes are not uncommon. Especially with foiling, where we fly above the water!

Jeroen is ready to provide you with a sharp training schedule, and is happy to help you get started. Especially for windsurfers or anyone who wants to get fitter and/or stronger.

Let's team up!

The windsurfing world is not Formula 1. The sport is a lot smaller and it involves a lot less money. The few professional full-time windsurfers out there are paid by windsurfing brands themselves.

A shame in itself, but this also offers opportunities for out-of-the-industry sponsors! And thinking in opportunities, that's what I like. Windsurfing is a dynamic sport with endless possibilities for creating cool content. With an extensive target group from young to old!

Will you choose to work with me? Then we'll make something beautiful out of it. The possibilities are endless. Together we create beautiful content for you or your company, we give your brand a place on my windsurfing materials, or I provide an awesome clinic for you, your colleagues and/or relations. Whatever floats your board!

Together we choose the best fitting strategy

There are more interfaces than you think between windsurfing and your company or brand. As a windsurfer and marketing-minded entrepreneur I know quite a bit about branding, both in the Dutch and English sense of the word.

That knowledge opens doors to great and creative opportunities. I like to think with you about a cool content strategy or campaign for your company or brand. In such a campaign, for example, we focus on the core values of your company, and we package them in attractive windsurfing content with which you can easily let a breath of fresh air blow through your socials.

What are the core values of your organization? You will see that they also apply to windsurfing. For example, think of good communication. Crucial to give your organization the right brand experience and also indispensable to optimize a slalom race starten.

Speed, of course. Having a tactic is essential in both windsurfing and business, but standing still is disastrous: you have to move forward. With the wind, but sometimes also with a headwind. Challenges are part of sport and entrepreneurship.

Consistency and persistence? I train and work every day to achieve my goals. And you work diligently every day to optimally serve your customers and achieve maximum results.

Care is also such a nice bridge between surfing and business. It is of utmost importance to de gijp, anders wordt het zwemmen! Valpartijen komen voor; figuurlijk op de zaak maar ook letterlijk op het water. Het gaat erom hoe snel je weer overeind bent.

Surfing is of course also a sustainable sport. I operate entirely on wind and hydropower. I compensate for the CO2 emissions for which I am responsible with my trips to training and competition locations. A collaboration with me is therefore excellent on the CSR page of your company.

In short: plenty of opportunities to express your company values in a creative way!


It is also an option to prominently display your company name or logo on my windsurfing equipment. There are always many good photographers present at my training sessions and competitions. They are ready to capture every moment: the emotion, the action and your brand.

Let’s connect

Curious about how you can connect your (company) name to me and the sport? Do not hesitate to get in touch. I enjoy discussing the possibilities of a creative collaboration. The possibilities are endless!

Curious about how you can connect your (company name) to me and the sport? I'm happy to tell you.