About me

I'm Bob van de Burgt, 22 years old, and windsurfing is my passion and life.

I made my first meters over the water in 2016. My uncle taught me windsurfing, and I was immediately addicted to the power of the water, the feeling of freedom, and braving the elements! Now, we've come a long way, and everything revolves around one thing: becoming the best slalom windsurfer in the world.

At the age of 18, I completed my high school education, took a gap year to train during a winter in Tenerife, alongside the world's top athletes. Occasionally humbled by the though conditions, something ignited within me—a determination to conquer those circumstances. My training winter came to an abrupt end due to COVID-19.

On my last evening in Tenerife, someone told me about Google Analytics, you could track all sorts of things on websites with it. At the same time, I heard a lot of complaints in my surroundings about the difficulty of finding employees. Why not create a website to help companies find employees? And that's how my recruitment agency, StarGo, was born.

My business administration studies at the VU began. I worked on StarGo, studied "full-time," and spent a lot of time training on the water.

Several years have passed since then. I have completed my business administration studies, and I have also decided to stop with StarGo. Because... Everything now revolves around one thing: becoming the best slalom windsurfer in the world.


Date of birth / Age
02/09/2001 - 22 years old

Business Administration, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Zeist, the Netherlands

Speed record on the board
77 km/h

Dutch Vice Champion Slalom

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Either you got it, or you don’t. ‘Then I probably won’t have it’: that’s a common reason to stop chasing your dreams.
That sounds like an excuse to me. I firmly believe that passion is the only thing that separates us as humans. Passion creates the ability to fully commit to your goal or dream. Passion gives you the energy to push to your absolute max to achieve your goal, whatever that goal may be.

How high you set the bar is up to you. It doesn't matter whether it's your study, work or sport. If your passion is big enough, you can do it all.