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En dat alles met 1 doel, de beste

Hey, leuk dat je hier bent! Ik ben Bob van de Burgt, 21 jaar oud en windsurfen is mijn leven.

In 2016 I made my first meters over the water. My uncle taught me the basics of windsurfing and I was directly addicted to the power of the water, the wind, the feeling of freedom and defying the elements! With my savings I soon bought my own windsurf board and sail. Those didn’t fit under the straps of my bicycle, but luckily my parents were nice enough to bring me to the water every windy weekend.

When I turned eighteen, I didn’t realize how fast I had to get my driver’s license. Because the moment I was allowed to drive, I was then allowed to travel to the water myself, with my board on the roof of the car. This allowed me to be on the water more often, and I was improving more rapidly. As a result, my passion for windsurfing swelled to tsunami-like proportions. To really make a leap, I decided to focus on windsurfing for one whole year. I took a gap year and left for windsurfing paradise Tenerife.

This year was my point of no return and ...

Mijn passie


Passie creëert het vermogen om op jouw doel of droom te focussen. Dit zal ervoor zorgen dat je hard genoeg kan werken zodat je er goed in wordt, tot welke hoogte bepaal je zelf. Of het je studie, werk of sport is maakt verder niets uit. Klinkt als cliché maar the sky is the limit. Echt, zolang je er maar zelf in gelooft.


Date of birth / Age
02/09/2001 - 21 jaar

Business Administration, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Zeist, the Netherlands

Speed record on the board
77 km/h

Current number 1 of the Dutch Championships 2023

Nice to e-meet you!


Either you got it, or you don’t. ‘Then I probably won’t have it’: that’s a common reason to stop chasing your dreams.
That sounds like an excuse to me. I firmly believe that passion is the only thing that separates us as humans. Passion creates the ability to fully commit to your goal or dream. Passion gives you the energy to push to your absolute max to achieve your goal, whatever that goal may be.

How high you set the bar is up to you. It doesn't matter whether it's your study, work or sport. If your passion is big enough, you can do it all.

Nice to e-meet you!

My passion: windsurfing!

Over time, many different disciplines within the sport have emerged. I focus on the slalom discipline. This is not the Olympic discipline, which we all know Dorian van Rijsselberghe from. This means that slalom riders are not eligible for NOC*NSF support.

The goal of slalom windsurfing is to windsurf around a course as quick as possible, where windsurfers sail with the wind (downwind). In addition, a buoy bust be rounded four times with a gybe. Depending on the water state (flat water or waves), super high speeds can be achieved during the race, up to 65-70 km/h approximately!

A slalom race roughly consists of four elements: the start, straight line speed, the gybe (turn around a mark) and the finish. During the entire race competitors battle for first place.

Nice to e-meet you!

Waar ben en was ik te vinden in 2023?

Ik windsurf overal ter wereld. Van het IJsselmeer tot de Atlantische oceaan, en van de Noordzee tot het Gardameer in Italië. Ik vertegenwoordig mijn partners overal waar ik naartoe ga. Met bijvoorbeeld mijn kleding en branding windsurfmateriaal. Hieronder vind je een kalender van mijn wedstrijden en trainingsblokken, in binnen en buitenland! 

Tenerife, CanariesTraining camp abroad1 januari – 20 maart
Amstelmeer, the NetherlandsDutch Championships Slalom Windsurfing22-23 april
Lake Garda, ItalyItaliaanse Kampioenschappen Slalom windsurfen29 april-1 mei
Lake Garda, ItalyPWA World Tour (Worldcup)10-14 mei
Marignane, FrankrijkPWA World Tour (Worldcup)21-25 mei
Stavoren, NederlandNederlande Kampioenschappen Slalom windsurfen24-25 juni
Gran Canaria, Kanarische eilandenPWA World Tour (Worldcup)1-9 juli
Fuerteventura, Kanarische eilandenPWA World Tour (Worldcup)27-31 juli
Makkum, the NetherlandsTHE REAL TRIP15-17 sept
Sylt, GermanyPWA World Tour (Worldcup)22 sept – 1 okt
Brouwersdam, the NetherlandsDAM-X event6-8 oktober
Brouwersdam, the NetherlandsDutch Championships Slalom Windsurfing14-15 oktober
Yokosuka, JapanPWA World Tour (Worldcup)7-11 november
Noumea, New CaledoniaPWA World Tour (Worldcup)14 – 18 november  

My proud partners

Currently I’m partnering up with various parties – from freelancers to big brands – in order to grow together and achieve our goals. I am grateful for the cooperation and hope for many more great projects together!

FMX Racing
Finish Fins
Wind Lounge

Stay up-to-date of all the action, my trips, my trainings and more!

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