The club of 100

Will you join the club of 100?

In 2016 I made my first meters over the water. Since then I have only one goal: become windsurfing slalom world champion. And to make that goal come true, I have to make many more meters. But: participation in training camps and (competition) events costs a lot of money. And that's why partnerships and sponsorship collaborations are extremely valuable for up and coming athletes like me.

You help me? Then I'll help you! I've come up with something cool: The Club of 100. For that I'm looking for 100 supporters, who each sponsor 100 euros per year (excl. VAT). For three years. That's the time I think I need to seriously compete for the windsurfing world title.

What’s in it for you?

I am eternally grateful! You are one of my very first supporters, I am proud of that!

Your name and logo will be featured on my Club of 100 banner, on the website and in the newsletter I send out every two months.

You closely follow the progress of a young up and coming athlete, I will keep you personally informed of my progress.

A sponsorship is a great PR opportunity for your company! For example like here.

If the Club of 100 actually hits 100 members, I will raffle two tailor-made windsurfing clinics! About 8 people can participate. (Pro tip: every spot in the Club of 100 is one entry in the draw. You buy more spots? You have a better chance of winning!)

Are you thinking: yes, I want to join the club! Then reach out to me. Want to know more first? I would also be happy to give you more information! Or scroll a little further, maybe your question – and the answer – is below!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why 100 x 100?

For most, 100 euros is a manageable amount (for companies it is even tax deductible). As a young entrepreneur, I understand that not all companies have a huge sponsor budget. But for me – as a passionate windsurfer at the start of his professional top sport career – every little bit helps. All these relatively small sponsorship amounts add up to a nice amount to help my career get started!

I think 100 euros is too little, can I support you for a higher amount?

Ha, wat een toffe vraag! En daar kan ik natuurlijk moeilijk ‘nee’ op zeggen. Natuurlijk kun je meerdere plekjes afnemen in de Club. Maar je kunt ook een kijkje nemen op this page, ik werk namelijk ook samen met grotere partners en merken. Als bedrijf kan je van de Club van 100 doorgroeien naar sponsor, of direct instromen als sponsor. Kies jij voor een grotere partnership? Dan maken we daar samen iets moois van! De mogelijkheden zijn eindeloos. We kunnen bijvoorbeeld content creëren voor jouw merk, jouw brand een plekje op mijn windsurfmaterialen geven, of ik verzorg een te gekke clinic voor jouw, jouw collega’s en/of relaties.

I don't have my own company, can I still support you?

Yes, of course! Everyone is welcome in the Club of 100. Entrepreneurs and non-entrepreneurs. Employers and employees. Sponsoring is tax deductible for companies, then you will get the 21% VAT back. Unfortunately, that is not the case as a person.

Can I register more than one person in the Club of 100 on behalf of my company?

Of course you can! The more people the better. It is possible to purchase several places in the Club of 100. Nice detail: the more places you purchase in the Club of 100, the bigger I show your logo. And the bigger your chance will be of winning a clinic!